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  • G
    G3 days ago

    Finally a mainstream artist promoting wellness

  • Prod Rambo
    Prod Rambo9 days ago

    Salute straight from Memphis. Dr sebi laid the path. I been on this shit for years. Good to see you doing what you doing.

  • Xaiver Howard
    Xaiver Howard10 days ago

    NLE 😈

  • jean ronald Cadet
    jean ronald Cadet11 days ago

    Sup bro

  • Aries Goddesss
    Aries Goddesss12 days ago

    I literally just fell in love just to hug you ❤

  • JustRoRo1337
    JustRoRo133713 days ago

    Does it balance out everything? Genuine question

  • JustRoRo1337
    JustRoRo133713 days ago

    Hey NLE will the chlorophyll also help with diet issues brother?

  • Erica Davis
    Erica Davis14 days ago

    Need is probably the best 👌 youngest coolest person we'll probably meet and the 🌎 world shout out choppa

  • Dovile Nic
    Dovile Nic14 days ago


  • Jas Johnson
    Jas Johnson15 days ago

    cj nle can you be in my music

  • Daddy Burgos
    Daddy Burgos21 day ago

    When are you going to make your new song I want to see the name

  • Daddy Burgos
    Daddy Burgos21 day ago

    I’m your biggest fan

  • Messiah Boss
    Messiah Boss29 days ago

    LOL this boy wearing ski mask and a mask and guess what he got arrested for robbing🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  • Eddie Day
    Eddie DayMonth ago

    Just chilling i love chilling

  • Keshawn Jenks
    Keshawn JenksMonth ago

    On cod

  • Keshawn Jenks
    Keshawn JenksMonth ago

    What yo name

  • Guided By The Devine
    Guided By The DevineMonth ago

    Yall I think I found my spiritual twin 😂🤩🤩💋💋

  • David Bravo
    David BravoMonth ago

    May you make jerseys that are red and white that say "La Familia" ?

  • Smoovjames
    SmoovjamesMonth ago

    How long do you have to be on the diet for your body to be a full health

  • Jodeci Dixon
    Jodeci DixonMonth ago

    Bra a real one. Sharing real info 💯💯💯

  • Louise White
    Louise WhiteMonth ago

    He lookin good on Cryp gang Cuz

  • Karma Co
    Karma CoMonth ago

    I love how you say rose Mary 💕

  • Joen Juen
    Joen JuenMonth ago

    I’m not into sage, but I’m glad you’re doing well NLE, good luck man.

  • Jojo Jacobov
    Jojo JacobovMonth ago

    “Walk em down”

  • Connect4K
    Connect4KMonth ago

    My man

  • Bad boy zoago
    Bad boy zoagoMonth ago

    He should make a gaming channel

  • Besy Rivera
    Besy RiveraMonth ago

    He bussn on call of duty 😎😎

  • Justin Ray
    Justin RayMonth ago

    Bro I f w all that good and bad energy stuff. The wife burns sage at least once a week and it keeps the house from feeling so bad. We’ll be buying all herb related stuff from you bro. The good energy plug💪

  • JO JO
    JO JOMonth ago

    You can really connect with nle choppa on a deeper level than Music thats why he da best

  • Edward Rodriguez
    Edward RodriguezMonth ago

    Nle go live everyday is fun to watch you live

  • Theylove Myra
    Theylove MyraMonth ago


  • AthaliYah Bayt Judas
    AthaliYah Bayt JudasMonth ago

    Why are artist selling incense and candles? Damn is it that bad?

  • Yessirski
    YessirskiMonth ago

    Nle trying to put u one some game

  • Jaylon Morrison
    Jaylon MorrisonMonth ago

    I see you my nigga

  • QeZshAqiAnu 913
    QeZshAqiAnu 913Month ago

    Wearin that PINK, littl FUNBOY BOUT 1 get hiz INITIATION, eh...LOL

  • Reece Wells
    Reece WellsMonth ago

    i love you music choppa keep up the good work you make

  • Kaden white
    Kaden whiteMonth ago

    Pov play call of duty no wonder his name is so good with guns

  • beautiful decay
    beautiful decayMonth ago

    Went camping on mountains near Boulder Co in the BLM. Sage grows naturally there, plus the mountain has quartz everywhere and the galaxy a night. Mad spiritual

  • Anime Textstories
    Anime TextstoriesMonth ago

    Cod 2. We have a OG

  • Jessica Nyquest
    Jessica NyquestMonth ago


  • Jessica Nyquest
    Jessica NyquestMonth ago

    NLE choppa

  • Jessica Nyquest
    Jessica NyquestMonth ago

    why re u playing now burrh

  • Jessica Nyquest
    Jessica NyquestMonth ago


  • Edwin Bot
    Edwin BotMonth ago

    New map on call of duty let’s get it

  • Chicago Transit Industries
    Chicago Transit IndustriesMonth ago

    I love this scene, just chilling in his peace not messing with guns or gangs that is the normal version of him☺️☺️☺️

  • Deandre’s Playhouse
    Deandre’s Playhouse2 months ago

    And out of trouble make me a song my name is laundry day game and I close bro yo I wanna play Fortnite income to do it I’m

  • Deandre’s Playhouse
    Deandre’s Playhouse2 months ago

    How do each other like final warning for me

  • Deandre’s Playhouse
    Deandre’s Playhouse2 months ago

    How do you trouble please come to my house I’m in Charlotte North Carolina

  • Nothing But Epic
    Nothing But Epic2 months ago

    NBA YB ft. NLE choppa... i know it's an impossible dream...

  • Reon Bowens
    Reon Bowens2 months ago

    Whats going nle choppaa

    RAE SIMONE2 months ago

    Vegan sausage 😋

  • Step bro Franklin step bro
    Step bro Franklin step bro2 months ago

    Nle I like your song they very hard

  • Sail
    Sail2 months ago


  • Brody Blogs
    Brody Blogs2 months ago

    Rip lil loaded

  • Fuel-Nightingale
    Fuel-Nightingale2 months ago

    Play Call Of Duty Cold War

  • Swiftyyy Au
    Swiftyyy Au2 months ago

    Bro NLE is such a chill guy bro 💯🔥

  • samuel shipuden
    samuel shipuden2 months ago

    Fuck nle choppa

  • M A N A S H
    M A N A S H2 months ago

    He is gonna live more days than us

    KING DJC2 months ago

    He should make a channel called life with choppa

  • NotCoopster
    NotCoopster2 months ago

    His fingers are movin round like he’s a pro

  • Jordan Littleton
    Jordan Littleton2 months ago


  • Tyler Farina
    Tyler Farina2 months ago

    30:38 his real personality

  • Realsnipes420_YT
    Realsnipes420_YT2 months ago

    "It help wit yo um um um memory"😂😂😂😭

  • Voice Duck
    Voice Duck2 months ago

    New map on call duty les get it

  • Dip Marr
    Dip Marr2 months ago

    Most rappers: Shows off bags of money NLE: Shows off bags of herbs.

    GIOMUSIC2 months ago


  • Kay Velli
    Kay Velli2 months ago


  • Ed Walton
    Ed Walton2 months ago


  • hammodi your bud
    hammodi your bud2 months ago


  • Jordan Henderson
    Jordan Henderson2 months ago

    I won't to know if you better than youngboy in call of duty

  • KG moments
    KG moments2 months ago

    Nle the top shotta got the muds like a cada

  • lil savage
    lil savage2 months ago

    Real goat

  • Wessk Mcgonigal
    Wessk Mcgonigal2 months ago

    We need old chop back

  • Linda Slomski
    Linda Slomski2 months ago

    I like you bro I’m in your gang I’m with you in till you die Bro I love you I hope you come out with a new rap song bro

  • Reea Wyatt
    Reea Wyatt2 months ago

    Play fortnite

  • mussadeq sadat
    mussadeq sadat2 months ago

    Bro this is when he used to be hood but media is controlling him you can notice if you look at his songs 2 months ago compared to now

  • spacekiller12o
    spacekiller12o2 months ago

    Boo why you do that stuff

  • Wilma Rose
    Wilma Rose2 months ago

    NLE, Stay woke man much love that you doing this typa shii I just ordered the sages native lol, Your music lowkey climbing like hell rn keep it up ❤️

  • Jeremiah Atchison
    Jeremiah Atchison2 months ago


  • Mlujii
    Mlujii2 months ago

    bro look like pooh shiesty

  • Eva Hicks
    Eva Hicks2 months ago

    im dead i love you you are sooooo coooooooooooooooooooooool

  • Jelou Odne
    Jelou Odne3 months ago

    Add me

    JUICEWLRDFAN 9993 months ago

    What he playin'?

  • Dewanna Thomas
    Dewanna Thomas3 months ago


  • BlueGorilla 53
    BlueGorilla 533 months ago

    Yo what's your Activision

  • TTQUEEN McKenzie
    TTQUEEN McKenzie3 months ago


  • Zion lords
    Zion lords3 months ago

    Pyramid scheme

  • Jehu Creations
    Jehu Creations3 months ago

    Check out Starlade_11 on Instagram @NLE

  • Gods Grace Or Mans Synthetic Manipulation
    Gods Grace Or Mans Synthetic Manipulation3 months ago

    the energy talk is spot on, wise wrods

  • Siah 100k
    Siah 100k3 months ago

    Jesus loves you

  • K’s ERA
    K’s ERA3 months ago

    nle. hi

  • K’s ERA
    K’s ERA3 months ago


  • Maurice Frazier
    Maurice Frazier3 months ago


  • ابوبكر عاطف
    ابوبكر عاطف3 months ago

    He also suck at merchant

  • F/A char
    F/A char3 months ago

    NLE we gotta play together mane your my favorite rapper and your music is fire asf My fav song is def the beatbox, i’ve listen to it a million times. but i’ve listen to every single one of your songs NLE THE TOP SHOTTA YEAHHHHHH

  • Iced Træs
    Iced Træs3 months ago

    Other rappers are dealing weed and crack while nle is dealing herbs lol 😂

  • lucas alberto copello
    lucas alberto copello3 months ago

    Yess nle please change the world🙏🙏🥺

  • Ricardo Caraballo Reyes
    Ricardo Caraballo Reyes3 months ago

    JK JK JK JK I was kidding please don’t hate on me

  • fresh boy rian
    fresh boy rian3 months ago

    yoooo nle

  • Vegas
    Vegas3 months ago

    The place his mind and soul has took him goin be the reason the higher above get rid of him. PEACE TO YOU GOD BE SAFE