NLE Choppa - Letter To My Daughter (Official Video)

"Letter To My Daughter" available now:

Director: Top Shotta & @drewfilmedit

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  • Fredrick Akpoveta
    Fredrick Akpoveta42 minutes ago

    I’m 17 and this song is letting me to know the real colour of life and how it feels to be kept away from my child

  • Kyleigh bailey
    Kyleigh bailey3 hours ago

    Awww I just know he put his everything in this❤️

  • aiden justus yeet
    aiden justus yeet4 hours ago

    When you realized that this song is based off a don trip song

  • Charlotte Hunt
    Charlotte Hunt4 hours ago

    I get the struggle he is going for bc I’m going through the same thing

  • London Nicole
    London Nicole4 hours ago

    Omg I freaking crying 🤧😭

  • Rich Menz
    Rich Menz5 hours ago

    My son will be 2 in a month can't even see him cause his baby mom doesn't believe I deserve to because her and I didn't get along... I know I'm a good dad but she just wanted the clout. Single mom boohoo me type shit. I loved my sons mom and did everything I could for her but she bi polar don't take no meds and had a shitty abusive past with her parents. Can't see my boy because she had a shitty life and wants to take it out on someone else.... I feel the pain Choppa you ain't alone.

  • Nariyah Mccoy
    Nariyah Mccoy6 hours ago

    Tried to put me on child support all a child need is support would have gave everything child support can ever erford🔥🔥

  • Nariyah Mccoy
    Nariyah Mccoy6 hours ago

    Nle ik u go through this everyday I go through the same bs and did the same thing 🔥

    LSDMT6 hours ago

  • KrispyKale 420
    KrispyKale 4207 hours ago

    Y is nle so good this year

  • Grace Lee
    Grace Lee8 hours ago

    im crying for nle choppa he just wana see his daughter

  • deondrae
    deondrae8 hours ago

    I feel the pain choppa I know this hurts to not see your daughter but god loves you and your daughter RIP choppas grandma she will Rest In Peace she will be missed god will take care of you and choppa if you see this comment i wish you a lot and I hope Mariah completes the wish and let’s you see your daughter love you man

    MAX THE BALLER8 hours ago

    That’s what you call a father

  • Marvin Blue
    Marvin Blue9 hours ago

    when she smacked him tho

  • Eddie Bashir
    Eddie Bashir9 hours ago

    Damn chop ...

  • Javier Quiros
    Javier Quiros10 hours ago

    yo man thats tough but god is always by everyones side god bless btw love your music keep going pls

  • Nathanael Hussain
    Nathanael Hussain10 hours ago

    Dad 😭😭😭😭

  • JESEE818
    JESEE81810 hours ago


  • Xolaft
    Xolaft11 hours ago

    Bro I’m just 13 but this had me in my feelings when I heard it idk why but God bless you nle,goated music

  • Dominic Lucero
    Dominic Lucero11 hours ago

    Flat out love this song

  • miah vu
    miah vu11 hours ago

    U look like my uncle

  • Shane Phillips
    Shane Phillips12 hours ago

    This man need his daughter..

    SENKO&MINA13 hours ago

    I said this shit might be the realest shit I ever wrote (Ayo, let me hear that KF) Might be the realest shit I ever record, yeah (you're so lazy) Letter to my daughter I'm just tryna be your father Ayy In the back of the Rolls-Royce, you came to with your shoes on Finna cop a Rolls-Royce carseat for my newborn Baby girl, you're blessed because I know some kids in group home Ain't seen you since the week that you was born, miss you in my arms Mom be on some complicated shit so I don't see you She put the police on me, at the end of the day, it hurt you Kinda hurt me too, never let life lessons break you Evaluate the mistake and just wait on your breakthrough All for you Clover, I turned over a new leaf But I get the type of treatment that belong to a deadbeat Know that God and the universe be workin' for me Seeing you grow up from afar tends to scare me Even though shit got rough, I'm still prayin' for your mama Hope you get the chance to see my grandpa and my grandma 'Cause they getting kinda old, and grandpa been getting sick So Mariah, if you hear this, can you please complete the wish? Please, no pity for a G I know I got a daughter that I barely get to see It haven't been a couple hours, it's been since the first week And lately, I been losing sleep and it's been hard for me to eat Last time I tried to see you, went to jail on that same day Fightin' two felonies 'bout you and I got another case If I shoot in the house that you in, take my breath away I never put my hands on no woman, wasn't raised that way I wanted a child, just to have something to live for Now I'm dyin', just to see you, something that I'd kill for Tryna be a co-parent turned me to a no-parent Feeling like a transparent, what I tell your grandparents? I'd cut my feet off just to see your first steps Bad enough I wasn't in town to see your first breaths Might not hear your first words and it's hurtin' me to death Every time I try to do right, I get played to the left Never take it for granted, shit like changing your Pampers You're nothing less than a goddess, you better not lower your standards A nigga call your somethin' else, bet I correct his grammar Any question that you got, I promise, I got the answers 'Nother nigga playing a role that I was given A feeling she might be calling him daddy, got me the sickest, so I'm trippin' If I slid on that boy and got the blicky, yeah, I'm tripping Gotta separate my pride from my feelings Please, no pity for a G I know I got a daughter that I barely get to see It haven't been a couple hours, it's been since the first week And lately, I been losing sleep and it's been hard for me to eat I can't really call it pain 'cause I know this shit a process God give us challenges and see us make some progress And nothing from this situation I can say I regret Wouldn't even hit a reset, learn something life ain't teach yet The walls start to close and this room gettin' smaller Laying in this room mama designed for my daughter Playing this tune that I designed for the fathers That's good fucking hearted but distant from they toddler Read books until you go to sleep, wake up, cook you something to eat Mould you to a baby G, just like your daddy Hope that you remember me, 'cause Brylie, you my mini-me Your mama my worst enemy, I'm praying she forgive a G Tryna put me on child support, all the child need is support Would've gave you more than child support could ever afford Long-term relationships from short-term greed Just be careful what you pick when you the one that's in need Such a big miracle in such a little girl Never let them break your spirit in this physical world 'Cause you make the diamonds shine, more unique than a pearl And I knew that you was mine from your smile and your curls Letter to my daughter I'm just tryna be your father Letter to my daughter Please, no pity for a G I know I got a daughter that I barely get to see It haven't been a couple hours, it's been since the first week And lately, I been losing sleep and it's been hard for me to eat Please, no pity for a G I know I got a daughter that I barely get to see It haven't been a couple hours, it's been since the first week And lately, I been losing sleep and it's been hard for me to eat They say Black fathers don't matter, they say Black fathers don't care But more than anything, I'll always be there I love you

    DAKING_JOSH14 hours ago

    my mamma has been going through the same thing with my lil bro stay strong g u got my respect from the start

  • Dat cool kid
    Dat cool kid14 hours ago

    They need work there problems out cut the bs out

  • Daniel Sutton
    Daniel Sutton14 hours ago

    ChoppAthanks for makeing this song it makes me sad

  • mobile games with d
    mobile games with d14 hours ago

    He said he will correct his grammar

    EDGEVEVO14 hours ago


  • Jeremiah Greer
    Jeremiah Greer15 hours ago

    It is on a true story I can’t see my daddy

  • iMaze
    iMaze15 hours ago

    Keep ya head up bro 🙏

  • virginity rocks
    virginity rocks15 hours ago

    look at the life u live man, gang shit. i wouldn’t want u to have the kid either

  • Fatimah Mcclatchie
    Fatimah Mcclatchie15 hours ago

    ♥️😢😢This one hit different

  • Kai_TheNinja X
    Kai_TheNinja X15 hours ago

    how tf people is disliking this

  • A Trash Ba9
    A Trash Ba916 hours ago

    RIP ELN copper

  • A Trash Ba9
    A Trash Ba916 hours ago

    nigga heat

  • A Trash Ba9

    A Trash Ba9

    16 hours ago

    ikr best music *ice emoji*

  • Gerdania Gaither
    Gerdania Gaither16 hours ago


  • Best Comment
    Best Comment17 hours ago

    The First Time I Heard This Is Cried

  • Ice River Beats
    Ice River Beats18 hours ago

    Damn bro I got you in my prayers

  • vrrs
    vrrs18 hours ago

    Anybody notice when he says “played to the left”, it plays only on the left earphone?

  • LaShawn Tucker-Ross
    LaShawn Tucker-Ross18 hours ago


  • koxlby lxve games
    koxlby lxve games18 hours ago

    Nle im sooooo sorry that its a true story

  • Amrit Singh
    Amrit Singh19 hours ago

    for the people who watching in 2033 this guy was legend

  • Jason Burnham
    Jason Burnham20 hours ago

    He saw his daughter on her bday thanks to this song finally

  • Dinoboxy
    Dinoboxy20 hours ago

    There grandparents died I respect him

  • Kingtoxicfrmdao YT
    Kingtoxicfrmdao YT21 hour ago

    Who’s better NLE or Loaded

  • Asahnda Mayeza
    Asahnda Mayeza21 hour ago


  • Elijah Alvarez
    Elijah Alvarez22 hours ago

    “God gives a challenges to see us make some progress” That shit hit different🤞🏽

  • D Jymond Allen
    D Jymond Allen23 hours ago

    so i went to war

  • Justin Joseph

    Justin Joseph

    22 hours ago


  • D Jymond Allen
    D Jymond Allen23 hours ago

    i neverr got to see my fam

  • Justin Joseph

    Justin Joseph

    22 hours ago

    its k u will soon

  • A1PHA 713
    A1PHA 713Day ago

    This shit here man. Things I’d do to see my kids

  • Caleb Cannon
    Caleb CannonDay ago

    Is NLE Choppa really dead

  • 🤷‍♂️
    🤷‍♂️Day ago


  • Andris Petersons
    Andris PetersonsDay ago

    Dislike from nelk for the fat boy In your crew

  • Irene Harthan
    Irene HarthanDay ago

    I'm almost crying

  • Jyer
    JyerDay ago

    Yo nle you didn't like lil salami freestyle bro that's shit was fire

  • Cameron Shakespeare
    Cameron ShakespeareDay ago

    Bro never heard your shit before but the way you treat the NELK boys, you deserve to loose fans.

  • Tlaloc Solano
    Tlaloc SolanoDay ago

    Another fatherless child

  • Yf-ariit
    Yf-ariitDay ago

    Nle your the best nigga keep praying for brylie aka clover you love her and we love you your my favorite rapper

  • ༒ժҽąժ༒
    ༒ժҽąժ༒Day ago

    Stay Strong Choppa👑💜💜 and R.I.P YOUR GRANDMA

  • Jonah Billette
    Jonah BilletteDay ago

    I’m sorry for you grandmother loss💔

  • Vanish box u
    Vanish box uDay ago

    1:52 to 2:12 that hit different

  • Ariel Johnson
    Ariel JohnsonDay ago

    i cried too hard💔

  • houda aljanabi
    houda aljanabiDay ago

    we love u choppa and hopefully she lets u see clover not a day goes by without me listening to this song and seeing if she let you see clover love you choppa and wish you the best of luck and ur grandma seems like a lovely wonderful and caring woman rest in peace for her i love you all so much and i will keep u in my prayer 😭😭😭🌹💐❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤🤍 love you and may god bless you and your family and clover

  • fadagas
    fadagasDay ago

    them dislikes from the bitter bms

  • Bailey Itaya
    Bailey ItayaDay ago

    Me balling my eyes out bc of this song. This mom dose not sound good this is so sad. “ Hope yo mama will forvging a g” is the only not sad line.😭😭😭

  • Lil vurk
    Lil vurkDay ago

    Aye nle choppa can I rap with u when I get 15 years old.

  • TM_ tray
    TM_ trayDay ago

    Forever 💯🥺

  • Javarp1ayzyt
    Javarp1ayzytDay ago

    try to be a co parent turned me to a no parent

  • Dinosauryaybro
    DinosauryaybroDay ago

    This… this BS difficult I hope he gets through this man I feel sad for him he should not go through this

  • Comarian Perkins
    Comarian PerkinsDay ago

    Nle still standing up for his daughter stay strong

  • Elijah dow

    Elijah dow

    Day ago

  • Unle4sh
    Unle4shDay ago

    This man da goat. i listen to his music all da time and dis man go hard. This song hit tho. hope u get betta choppa

  • N Picardi
    N PicardiDay ago

    All she needs is support

  • Star
    StarDay ago

    This made me cry

  • Henrietta Bray
    Henrietta BrayDay ago

    When clover slapped nle I was rolling but RIP to grandma chops hope now gets to see clover

  • Ayo & Teo
    Ayo & TeoDay ago

    This is the only rapper I listen to pls like this if u love Nle music I do

  • Citizen M
    Citizen MDay ago

    That's the purpose of life your children I wish e everybody gets to exprience it while you are young and grow with them.

  • Vironic psycho
    Vironic psychoDay ago

    I felt choppa on this one

  • Randall Freitas
    Randall FreitasDay ago

    What I wanna know is who would dislike this..

  • amontae hill
    amontae hillDay ago

    Nle i am so sorry for what Mariah did to you

  • E S
    E SDay ago

    Daughter and niece

  • Clayton Jones
    Clayton JonesDay ago

    The don trip letter to my son reference is on point

  • Jordy
    JordyDay ago

    Yo momma my worst enemy we can’t ignore that line was fire😢❤️

  • Erratic Lyric
    Erratic LyricDay ago


  • Josiah’s games
    Josiah’s gamesDay ago

    Bro this is sad

  • Zach Reponen
    Zach ReponenDay ago

    Choppa needs to make more dope music

  • Da'Ziyah Heins
    Da'Ziyah HeinsDay ago

    3 things he need in life his daughter money and his fam

  • Juicehead89
    Juicehead89Day ago

    So is his daughter name Clover or Brylie??

  • Bailey G

    Bailey G

    Day ago


  • Spyralwtf
    SpyralwtfDay ago

    Yo NLE choppa I'm sorry you can't see your daughter man ay u the best daddy your baby momma is just acting like like a a#s hope u have a good day g

  • JG Street E.N.T
    JG Street E.N.TDay ago

    Men we all have to evaluate who we have kids with..women too. Because the one women or man u want to lay down and create these special gifts with should be the one and the one who's worth u giving ur whole life to ...its nothing like waking up every morning to ur child's face...

  • Da Gang
    Da GangDay ago

    Love the music

  • ketin jerkela
    ketin jerkelaDay ago

    fill sry for you hope everything gets on his place

  • Will_wrlddexx
    Will_wrlddexxDay ago

    Felt this so personal keep fighting g

  • R eg
    R egDay ago

    We Have The Same Exact Birthday LOL 😆😂

    SOUULDay ago

    Damn his music is the BEST no cap ❤️❤️

  • Jaden Playzz
    Jaden PlayzzDay ago

    1:03 WTH she be ☻

  • wingeboy
    wingeboy2 days ago

    Fire bro

  • max van ten hag
    max van ten hag2 days ago

    I know what you are feeling keep strong💙 and i am sorry for your lost RIP🕊️🕊️

  • Kwam Eteif
    Kwam Eteif2 days ago

    Rip to your gandmother man. I know how it feels, you dont recover from that shit. Im sorry this happened and im late, but like you say keep your head high. 999 jw, your awesome to be able to go through this man. Keep going man.