Letter to my daughter 💜


  • Ryan Lawlor
    Ryan Lawlor53 minutes ago

    Ew you deserve it!

  • Sahib Gill
    Sahib GillHour ago

    achieve what you want we are here for you

    NOTBLADE8 hours ago

    Ay about the text messages that say they were gonna do this you can take it to court cause you can’t keep a father away from his daughter with out a real reason to do so and you can sue her for some shit and they will make her let you see her

  • Sadie Favors
    Sadie Favors9 hours ago


  • Mr_duky-_-
    Mr_duky-_-9 hours ago

    He should see her Saturday and Sunday

  • Mr_duky-_-
    Mr_duky-_-9 hours ago

    Man who said he shot a pregnant woman

  • keeyton robison
    keeyton robison15 hours ago

    You deserve to go to her birthday no cap

  • Lurline Pierce
    Lurline Pierce17 hours ago


  • Feeds YT
    Feeds YT22 hours ago

    You and your crew almost beat tf out of the Nelk crew for walking into your room at Rolling Loud.

  • Dana Parry
    Dana Parry23 hours ago

    I’m so sorry this is happening to you NLE you don’t deserve this I hope after the court I hope you are allowed to see your daughter all the time because you don’t deserve this and neither does she

  • Jarvis Gardner
    Jarvis GardnerDay ago

    Choppa u remember the cafeteria lady put the food on my plate next🤣

  • Faye Kilpatrick f
    Faye Kilpatrick fDay ago

    Nle I need to help wit sum if u see dis

  • Ryan Flynn
    Ryan FlynnDay ago

    Lil Salame making it out of Maine

    NLE LYMXDay ago

    God Bless You Choppa!!! I'm Ur Biggest Fan, a lot of ppl say they ur Biggest fan but Like I listen to u 24/7 and I Pray to God to make sure u blessed and Stay Holy!

  • ✰ŴȪL̥̄Բ É̱ŦҾ𞤞𞥆ṄĀ̤Ĺ✞
    ✰ŴȪL̥̄Բ É̱ŦҾ𞤞𞥆ṄĀ̤Ĺ✞Day ago

    Lol the tattoo of NLE "The Family" in translate the Spanish 🔥

  • Annie Pulley
    Annie PulleyDay ago

    Just that shit true boi

  • Heather Hill
    Heather HillDay ago


  • Da baby 2gange
    Da baby 2gangeDay ago

    We love choppa I saw how yo high school went now got 20 cars on yo neck people be saying ugly ass car

  • Andrea Husbands
    Andrea Husbands2 days ago


  • Kyrie Irving
    Kyrie Irving2 days ago

    Nice rolls Royce

  • kdtheer alsamach
    kdtheer alsamach2 days ago


  • kdtheer alsamach
    kdtheer alsamach2 days ago


  • Mikey Werner
    Mikey Werner2 days ago

    Bro is it true he quitting rap

  • Eros Amaya
    Eros Amaya3 days ago

    To go to court for your daughter to plead to see her to make a song to live stream to pray for the people who hate you to make more than just a letter to your daughter. God bless you

  • Eros Amaya

    Eros Amaya

    3 days ago

    I know I’m late on this but know that you are an amazing person and I’m only hoping for the best for you and your daughter

  • Bjcappin
    Bjcappin3 days ago

    Bruh I honestly feel bad for nle bruh fr 😔😔

  • Casey Thomas
    Casey Thomas3 days ago

    Why was ppl saying. That you was dead nle I need answers

  • Criss AGUIRRE
    Criss AGUIRRE3 days ago

    Sorry about your loss

  • Love Webb
    Love Webb3 days ago

    No it was a lovely letter to your daughter when she gets older that she can watch💗💗💗💗😘💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • OT Tekko
    OT Tekko4 days ago

    Can u please do free youngboy song again please please I need y’all to be cool again I want y’all to make a song so please and u do it again

  • Trayzee the k!d tingz
    Trayzee the k!d tingz4 days ago

    Thi$ the Reale$t $hit I ever $een from"THE TOP $HOTTA"I'm hurt by the $hit yo bvby mama doin but as you sayin it's LiFe broooo, I'm feelin yo pain bro,And I'm a hundid % behind yah bro.NLE $HIT

  • Larry Smith
    Larry Smith4 days ago

    Let me assure you my friend About pastapiffanny Let me be your shoulder Ta lean on Trust me I’m your guide Threw misery These problems nuken me Emotions heavy artillery Head up back straight Let me remind you Life is fuck you Failure doesn’t discriminate Race creed religion it doesn’t care beyond oblivion Hard times if you listen patiently you can hear Hunger of less fortunate nations Starving for a way out of present situations These demons set in stone See threw my memories Digital copy of who I use to be Begging for it to delete me Welcome to nowhere Nowhere is every where Why you think Labeled generation z Deep in the ocean of my heart Sincere apologies The politicians were full of greed sea to plastic littered sea If it were up to me we all would be set free But we depended on full batteries Defending common senseless Criminals cannibals Rule of law was lack of empathy If you could of only seen what I seen before they downloaded me It was beautiful what was past tense Enjoy the reference None of us have tasted real oxygen since Futuristic human being Paid the cost to visit the lost Intertwined in our wire and cables bleeding raw fables Incapable of stable living in a hologram coded with Carpe diem

  • Carter Moyd
    Carter Moyd4 days ago

    The grills are fake

  • Baby Tiko
    Baby Tiko4 days ago

    So sad

  • Princess Goodas
    Princess Goodas4 days ago

    Good 😌

  • Darien Ovalles
    Darien Ovalles4 days ago

    it wasn’t a diss you want to see your daughter

  • team demon✓
    team demon✓4 days ago

    Choppa sorry for ur lost on your grandma hope you keep up your grind you speecking facts

  • Deundra Leonard
    Deundra Leonard5 days ago

    I can't lie your baby mama need to get with you I do not know why she broke up with you that is so sad top shotta remember you a man

  • Destruction Army
    Destruction Army5 days ago

    All these girls in the comments defending her. Like he said where the bullet wounds, the bruises, the cuts... where all that?

    RYAN LEWIS5 days ago

    nle when bro we all love you daughter and she can even let you have her for a week you do so much for her

  • I play warzone
    I play warzone5 days ago

    NLE if u see this I have one wish u juice and x are my favorite rappers and they died but u are #1 favorite rappers my wish is stay ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dakuxkenshin
    Dakuxkenshin5 days ago

    Choppa specking straight facts no cap

  • Swqvi.Loaded
    Swqvi.Loaded5 days ago

    Bro check up u good bro been a month bruh

  • Davontay Daniels
    Davontay Daniels5 days ago

    Go to court for your daughter choopa I can tell you a good father

    VOID MAGMA YT5 days ago

    Choppa is my idol

  • rife-fork
    rife-fork5 days ago

    Nle bro i love you and keep your head up

  • Cameron Cox
    Cameron Cox6 days ago

    Stay strong bro all your songs are great

  • Camdaman
    Camdaman6 days ago

    Yo man I’m such a big please respond or like or live this comment stay strong bro you the best rapper and the best dad that baby can have bro

  • NL lordy
    NL lordy6 days ago

    💜🤘🏾We are behind you

  • Max hozan
    Max hozan6 days ago

    Nle docta

  • savage 13079
    savage 130796 days ago

    Don’t ever get down on yourself you doing the right thing ” prayers🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • DestinyAlready
    DestinyAlready7 days ago


  • Queen of  Acrylic nails
    Queen of Acrylic nails7 days ago

    NLE I got a crush on you can we talk can I text you

  • Queen of  Acrylic nails
    Queen of Acrylic nails7 days ago

    If nle say I can

  • Queen of  Acrylic nails
    Queen of Acrylic nails7 days ago

    Y’all should I text NLE chappa

  • DestinyAlready
    DestinyAlready7 days ago

    awwww he said he got to change his daughter's clothes and her diapers. The light in the darkness. You're a great dad. Nuff luv.

  • Queen of  Acrylic nails
    Queen of Acrylic nails7 days ago

    Can I text you

  • Vader Better

    Vader Better

    2 days ago

    He not gon respond 😂😂

  • Marilyn Monheaux
    Marilyn Monheaux7 days ago

    You are destined for greatness you are destined to be one of not just rap but music’s artists of the decade. That’s so beautiful you’re fighting for your daughter. You can’t take everyone to the top with you. You have some toxic people around you and you have to protect your peace so you can care for your daughter. Blessings ❤️💕✊🏿✅

  • Derrick Paige
    Derrick Paige7 days ago

    That’s sad and blessed NLE choppa what ever you put your mind to you can do it

  • Chrissie v
    Chrissie v7 days ago

    I'm a 41 year old mother of 18 year old and I must say youngman you make me proud, if more young men , middle-aged men and older men could be like you this world would be a much better place. May God bless you and your baby. 1 ❤💯💯

  • Tiyana Mack
    Tiyana Mack7 days ago

    that is asd

  • Khi Day
    Khi Day7 days ago

    Well somebody had a bad hair day in your chopsticks

  • Glenda Horn
    Glenda Horn7 days ago

    I no u will get your kid back we all do all love brother

  • Glenda Horn
    Glenda Horn7 days ago

    I’m a big supporter of u nle Not just for your music I’m a big supporter of u as a parson I believe every thing u saying I hope the best for u and your family all love my brother 🙏🙏❤️❤️

  • Kristi Godley
    Kristi Godley7 days ago

    Hi i love ur songs

  • Derron adams
    Derron adams8 days ago

    She look just like him ngl💔🙏🏾🐐

  • Mario Clark
    Mario Clark8 days ago

    hi nle choopa i am a big fan\i am a girl

  • jack Auditore da Firenze
    jack Auditore da Firenze8 days ago

    i hope you get to see Clover.

  • Jason Fraga
    Jason Fraga8 days ago

    Yo make more music please

  • john Ledkins
    john Ledkins8 days ago

    Nle the best, on hood

  • Von Car
    Von Car8 days ago

    Sadly when u in the industry and u chose god bad thing happen

  • Von Car
    Von Car8 days ago

    Mane I jus saved this shit 😂 real shit

  • Reaz Bi
    Reaz Bi9 days ago

    I love you videos and songs

  • Joshua Holt
    Joshua Holt9 days ago

    Nle is a good father and he is a good person 🙏 for is baby mama so he can see her somedays

  • FørgøttënÅñgel
    FørgøttënÅñgel9 days ago

    The for clearing things out now choppa

  • drop polat
    drop polat9 days ago

    stay strong choppa

  • ShemroyGamer123
    ShemroyGamer1239 days ago

    ya bruh your songs is Fire

  • Kevin Martinez
    Kevin Martinez10 days ago


  • Jessie Okparaji
    Jessie Okparaji10 days ago

    This the best 40 mins I have ever spent on a vid bless u choppa Yh u finna win the case and I know God will see you through keep ur head up king ur daughter has an amazing father ❤️💕

  • Myime Dee
    Myime Dee10 days ago

    Love your vids

  • Daniel Torres
    Daniel Torres10 days ago

    I'm sorry I missed this but just wanna let you know that you are not a bad father and keep your head high love you bro keep up the good work

  • Xaiver Howard
    Xaiver Howard10 days ago

    Nle 😈

  • GTA and fortnight Gamer
    GTA and fortnight Gamer10 days ago

    Yo coppa how do I become a rapper please tell me

  • Kade Roblox Army
    Kade Roblox Army10 days ago

    Imagine getting to hear that your dad you loved for so long is not your biological dad, but the real one is who was someone who was so successful, biggest dream begging to see her. And knowing that Mariah didn’t let him to see because a gun shooting at a house not at her.

  • Marco Toppo Review Show
    Marco Toppo Review Show10 days ago

    Big fan nle good luck out there I wish I could meet you but I can't because I'm only 11 and my parents don't pay that much for concerts. Bye

  • Lucas Porter
    Lucas Porter11 days ago

    I miss my dad jail I no what your going through you haper made me happy

  • Lucas Porter
    Lucas Porter11 days ago

    You are the best it was not a diss so if the ops are a problem so you can make it through this

  • Normal Art Vibes!!
    Normal Art Vibes!!11 days ago

    I will pray for you and your daughter and you are so positive and spiritual we love Nle the top shotta 😇

  • Kade Roblox Army
    Kade Roblox Army11 days ago

    Don’t worry, it may seem like you got that stupid mole Mariah, Clover and that plain man. But don’t forget that you got millions of people on your journey, don’t worry the court won’t let Mariah on that one. If she does, she won’t because the lawyer knows that millions of people are against. Because guess what if it’s not for you, it’s not for Clover. And we’re not gonna make you far from Clover. Don’t worry, Mariah won’t get her petty way. Mariah is just very confused, but that doesn’t make you the bad guy. You don’t wanna leave your heart hallow. Clover knows from her heart that you’re her real dad, she won’t remember that guy. We believe in you, and I always know what is right and what is not. In the future you will get her back. And you will be idol and she will be your biggest fan. She will learn her favourite books, dishes from you, and come to your concerts and smile at the crowd that you earned and that love you. You’ve never been a bad person in the past, you were being yourself. The guns are over, and let’s just use that protection over Clover just like Dababy. We know how you feel, don’t think that the crowd are just like 😴😴 because guess what, we’re still standing up higher than Mariah’s breath losing voice, Clover will love you no matter what. Mariah is just not that good of a person. You’re a fully grown well experienced clover 🍀 and and BRYLIE is a growing to learn to be like her dad growing clover ☘️ you should be told “Bryson, we’re happy to tell you that you earned full custody of BRYLIE.”

  • Kauron thebeast
    Kauron thebeast11 days ago

    Plus nle when I heard this song that was the first time I knew you had a daughter named clover

  • Kauron thebeast
    Kauron thebeast11 days ago

    I NLE CHOPPA most humble dude I love your songs nle

  • Ebubechukwu
    Ebubechukwu11 days ago

    Choppa wassup man

  • It_Me_Dmoney
    It_Me_Dmoney11 days ago

    So you slept a woman nut close hand but open-handed

  • Atrice Harris
    Atrice Harris11 days ago

    Don't let you feeling get it you I hope you get to see you daughter more stay strong😙😙😔😔

  • raegan noel
    raegan noel11 days ago


  • Dakuxkenshin
    Dakuxkenshin11 days ago

    Bro nle songs are fire no not even fire it go ham

  • Rubenn Dean Paul Alws
    Rubenn Dean Paul Alws11 days ago

    Kid, I love your craziness, your photos, your videos, I'm your fan! I'm just sad because you despise your Brazilian fans... I can't wait to see your shows here in Brazil! My name is: Rubenn Dean Paul Alws "Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro" Brazil! Don't throw your fans away, answer our contacts too please! You are the man! May God bless you a lot, including your family!

  • Destroyer goolzer
    Destroyer goolzer12 days ago

    You are a good person

  • Steven-bravery
    Steven-bravery12 days ago

    Hey your daughter is so cute

  • Reaper Reaper
    Reaper Reaper12 days ago

    Drop some chop